Datasets for Download at the IACDC

The IACDC facilitates access to various geophysical datasets, such as climate model output, reanalyses, satellite data, and raw measurements. The IACDC will dedicate a special effort to collect data unique to Israel such as output from regional models, historical reports, and other measurements, unavailable elsewhere.

Since the IACDC is currently in the process of being built and due to limited storage space, the datasets may be limited in either time or space.

Should you require something that is currently unavailable we are happy to download upon request and temporarily store the data. Alternatively, a link is provided for the location from which the data can be downloaded.

Download requests for a range of datasets can be done through our data request forms , should the dataset you need not be available for request please get in contact through the contact page.


Please include a statement of acknowledgement when using data downloaded through the IACDC. An example statement can be seen below:

“The [DATASET] data used was provided by the Israeli Atmospheric and Climatic Data Center, supported by the Israeli Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, Tel Aviv, Israel,”

Please note that for each dataset, those responsible for production or original distribution of the data must also be cited. The relevant citations can be found on each dataset’s page.

Downloading Data in Batch from the IACDC

The IACDC allows users to easily download data in batch.

Each download directory includes a file at the top (named something of the form: 1wget_7614). This file contains a list of all the download links for that directory, executing a wget command on this file will download all the files listed. Should you not require all the data in the directory, the file can be easily editted to include only files of interest.

More information on how to download in batch from the iacdc can be found at:

For any further questions, please get in contact through: 

Data from the following datasets is ready for download at the IACDC: