Research Data Repository


The IACDC also serves as a data repository, which hosts results from up-to-date research in order to support scientific transparency and to allow public access to the data.

The data is uploaded by request. To save your results at the repository, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

To download all data available for a specific study, click on its wget/rar file. For using wget, follow our instructions on downloading data in batch from the IACDC.

Available Data

  • The data consists of 8 Israeli stations and 2 US California stations measuring rainfall (mm) and aerosols PM10 and PM2.5 (micrograms/m^3)
  • Temporal resolution: daily/60min/30min/10min for winters between 1/11/2014-28/2/2015
  • Israeli stations: Carmiel, Nesher, Nve Shaanan, Yad Avner, Givaatayim, Modiin, Ashqelon, Beer Sheva
  • US stations: Livermore-Rincon Ave., Sebastopol

Details on how to download from the IACDC in batch can be found on:

For any other questions or issues please get in touch: