The IACDC continues to grow!

We have just uploaded a new dataset to our website– the TAU-DREAM desert dust forecast.

The DREAM-8b (Dust Regional Atmospheric Model) is run operationally at Tel Aviv University, producing daily forecasts for the 3D distribution of dust concentrations.

The forecast is run over a number of domains, with the main one over the mediterranean. The model includes dust sources in the Western, Central and Eastern Sahara, as well as in the Arabian Peninsula, from a set of 8 particle size classes between 0.1 and 7.1 microns.

Data is available for 2016 and 2017.

For more information on the dataset please see:

Data can be downloaded through:

For questions on the data, you are welcome to ask the principal investigator Dr. Pavel Kishcha on

For any other questions get in touch!