At the IACDC we are proud to provide access to the IACDC’s Cyclones and Cyclone Tracks Database, created specifically for the IACDC!

The database includes:

  • All cyclones identified, along with some key parameters for each.
  • Cyclone tracks, following the path of those previously identified.
  • Temporal coverage: 1980-2016
  • Temporal resolution: 6 hour
  • Spatial coverage: Mediterranean and surrounding region, specifically 5˚N-75˚N, 25˚W-65˚E
  • Spatial resolution: 0.75˚x0.75˚

The database was created using data from the ERA Interim reanalysis with an algorithm fine tuned to cyclones in the Mediterranean basin, first developed for the identification of parent-daughter cyclone relations in the Mediterranean by Ziv et al. (2015) and later used as a basis for the classification of daughter cyclone formations with respect to the parent’s frontal system by Saaroni et al. (2016). This makes the data particularly useful to anyone studying cyclones and their tracks in the Mediterranean and surrounding region, though neighbouring cyclones are also recorded.

For more information and documentation please see the IACDC’s Cyclones and Cyclone Tracks Homepage:

Data can be accessed at:

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