We are happy to announce the opening of a new atmospheric and climatic data center—The Israeli Atmospheric and Climatic Data Center (IACDC), funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology and set up at Tel Aviv University.

We aim to:

  • Relieve researchers of part of the time and effort associated with finding datasets from projects across the globe, and facilitate their access through our website.
  • Offer researchers the option to “order” data they require from the center, and have it temporarily stored with us for download.
  • Collect and provide easy access to data unique to Israel, such as output from regional models, historical reports and other measurements.
  • Archive various datasets in a standardised format; relieving researchers of much of the work associated with converting between data formats, as well as allowing the use of uniform analysis methods across datasets.

At the IACDC we do this by:

Currently data from the following datasets are available and are working on adding more with time:

  • ERA Interim
  • MERRA 2
  • ERA 20c
  • NCEP 1
  • CFSR
  • TRMM

We welcome you to let us know what additional datasets you would like to see available.

We are currently growing and wish to cater to as wide an audience as possible. At present, we are downloading large amounts of data and expanding the datasets we make available. We are interested in your feedback, as to what datasets would serve you and researchers in your field of study.

Please email your suggestions for additional datasets, and any other comments, ideas or questions you have regarding the IACDC or any of the services we provide to contact@iacdc.tau.ac.il or get in touch through our contact form at: http://www.iacdc.tau.ac.il/contact/